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Being accused of a crime can likely upend your life, upsetting everything from your loved ones to your financial stability and even your freedom. I understand that being arrested is frightening, confusing and can make you feel powerless, nevertheless you have rights. Whether you have been accused in the past or this is your first time, let me focus on defending you so you can focus on life.

You have a constitutional right to an attorney and the courts are required to provide one for you, however many public defenders have excessive case loads and high turnover. Don’t let your case get lost in the shuffle. Seek your own private criminal defense attorney today. Call C. Benjamin Scroggins, Chtd., at (702) 328-5550.

DUI Arrests

Drug Crimes

Sex Crimes

Theft and Property Crimes

White Collar Crimes

Domestic Violence Crimes

Internet Crimes

Violent Crimes